E-Mail Posting


Last night, I got posting via e-mail working on the blog. Yahoo!

What kind of challenges did I have? Well, one was getting the syntax for curl correct. OS X doesn’t include wget, so curl is the tool of choice. Getting it to work silently, and making the cron job not send e-mails every so often when the mailbox was checked were both little stumblers.

It does seem to be working, although I’m still having to play with formatting and other fun stuff. When I e-mail in plain text (which seems to be recommended), I get hard line breaks, which blows my column justification. Oh well!

I was reading last night about some ways to do photo posting via e-mail, too. This seemed to be more for mobloggers (folks blogging with photos via their cell phones), but it may have application for me too. I’ll have to ponder that one a bit.

Anyway, a new era at the ol’ Deauxmayne, and one that I think I can grow a bit!