The Big Drive


Look over there to the right. See the gas price? It’s over a dollar less than it was just after Katrina.

As current events — like gas prices — sometimes inspire me, with my inspiration I started thinking about DLWS and about once again driving to Yosemite, rather than flying. Gas was $3.099 — and the pundits said it was heading to $4/gal, not to recede until after the winter — locally when I made the decision to fly. That picture has changed signficantly.

That’s not to say that there won’t be gas along the trip route that might be more costly than here; I’m sure there will be. But the overall picture has changed, and it appears that this is a more reasonable driving trip once again. However, I’ll lose my travelling partner. Beck has decided (currently) to stay here to be with Molly, just in case.

I’m thrilled about attacking the drive again, but I’ve gotta get the appropriate approvals from work to once again take the time off. Knowing me the way they do, I wouldn’t be surprised if they never took it off the calendar.