The Pack Is Whole

Tonight, we brought Molly home from the hospital. Overall, I’d say she’s doing well, although she’s exhibiting some problems with walking — her hindquarters almost seem stiffened, which makes her walk like her back legs won’t bend. The doc thinks that it’s not a complication from her sugery, and might just be the drugs they’ve had her on. She’s been given sedatives to calm her down — she’s not a big fan of being in a cage, and she was overly restless given what she’d just been through.

When they brought her in the exam room for us, she whimpered and whimpered. I sat in the floor with her, and she finally curled up sorta on my lap, and started to fall asleep. On the ride home, Beck and her sat in the back seat of the truck, and Molly leaned up against Beck and fell asleep. In fact, she had several really hard sleeps tonight. It kinda backs up the sedative theory.

It’s wonderful having her back in the house, despite her smelling a little icky, and being exhausted from the experience. I can’t think of anything nearly as comforting as listening to her snore while she sleeps on the floor.

The pack is definitely whole again.