Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday was a bad day for us: LC crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She’d been having problems for quite a while, and the vet finally narrowed it down to kidney failure. Thursday, Beck stayed home, and let LC play outside all day. Friday night, we gave her some special treats — a little steak, some wet food — and let her have the run of the basement for the night.

LC was Beck’s cat — no doubt about it — and Beck had had her since just after she moved out of her parents’ house. She was a cute, sometimes cantankerous little ball of grey and white fur. But, she had a very full ten years of life, and that’s nothing to be sad about.

I am gonna miss her though. I think this’ll be the first time since I was about seven years old that I haven’t had a cat in my life. I’m not itching to have another one real soon, but there is a palpable difference in the house with LC gone. That loss is the “big gray elephant” in the house right now — everyone knows that the loss is there, but no one’s talking about it.

Fortunately, Molly’s health is returning, and Beck can focus on that to help her through this. Me, well, I’ll just keep writing I guess.