Beginning of the End for Busch


Yesterday, a fan chosen at random started the big destruction of Busch Stadium by waving a flag to the wrecking crew. And then a five-ton ball began to pound at the roof of the stadium.

This has been painful to watch. For weeks, demolition has been going on inside the stadium, bulldozers and other wrecking equipment strewn all around the once highly manicured field. Now, the field has been reduced to dirt and debris, and soon the walls will begin to come down.

Inside sixty days, a big part of the stadium will be gone — enough to complete the work on the new stadium, and then by June, the rest will be gone. ‘Tis a crying shame, as Busch was a nice stadium, especially after all the work on it in recent years. It was the last of the “cookie cutter” stadiums of the mid-60s, and for that reason alone, was unique in the big leagues.

All things must pass, I guess, and it was Busch’s time. Long live the new Busch stadium!