Day Eight — DLWS

This morning’s shoot started around Tenaya Creek. We started with a loooong walk — probably better than three miles — and wound up at the creek.

The walk was terrific, and there were all kinds of downed trees, dry stream beds and other cool things to shoot. Very nice. I liked the creek the best though. After my success yesterday with the flowing water, I’m really starting to enjoy shooting long shoots of moving water. I guess I’ve always liked those shots, but I’ve never spent the time to really do it right!

During high noon, we worked on our images, and I did some additional printing, this time on lustre paper (low-gloss). I printed some of the same images that I did yesterday with matte paper, and really found I liked the results of the lustre paper. I’m surprised. I really had been turned off of the look of gloss prints, but for some reason, these really appealed to me. Perhaps that’s because the subject material wasn’t as good! 🙂

We dashed from high noon to our first location of the sunset shoot — a meadow in view of El Capitan. Once again, I kinda drew a blank, but shot a few things of interest. We then moved to the Tunnel View overlook, and I found some nice views of El Cap and Half Dome. The lighting was a little better tonight than from Glacier Point on Monday night, but still wasn’t as electric as it could’ve been. Oh well!

We broke up, went to dinner, and returned for our closing session. Moose really praised us on how far we’d come, and Vincent talked to us for an hour about all things philosophical and photographical. We sipped on wine and beer, had some munchies, and then the participant slideshow began. And right there, first up in the show were my photos, on the big screen for all to enjoy. I gasped at seeing my work in such a huge format. And then… I heard folks in the audience oooh and aaah at them. I elicited response from folks with my work — what a rush!!!!!

And, after the slideshow, we said our goodbyes, with Moose handing each of us a class photo, signed by him, Vincent and Ken. That was a cool.

So, DLWS is over for me. I can’t believe I got to go, can’t believe I went through it all, and am just dumbfounded at how much better my process is than it was. It was so definitely worth the investment of time and money! Now, I’m inspired, have a fire lit, and am really hot to get some of work printed properly and (hopefully) sold.