Day Nine — Yosemite Lodge CA to Flagstaff AZ

[679 miles today; 2877 miles so far. Lots of state highways, and finally I-40E to Flagstaff AZ.]

This morning brought with it my departure from Yosemite, and the beginning of The Son of the Big Drive. I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out a route that would get me to I-40 — the weather to the north is just too unpredictable right now, and there has been a fairly large amount of snow on the I-70 route, as well as the more northern route into Yellowstone. So, the track through the desert was the path of choice.

I left the lodge in the dark, and wound my way through the park, reflecting on the class, and still feeling overwhelmed with what I’ve seen happen to my photography over the last few days. I watched the park sites pass by, basqued in the light of the full moon, and said my mental goodbyes.

Aside from the slow start through the park roads, and the two-lane feeder roads, the trip to Flagstaff was uneventful. However, the air in southern California was the stinkiest I have smelled in a long time! Blecch!

Flagstaff presented itself just as the sun was setting, and I got myself grounded for the night.

Tomorrow: East to Texas!