Happy Thanksgiving

Today, I am thankful for my family, more than anything.

There’s a hunt at Prentice Cooper this weekend, so this was the only chance I had to visit Dad at the cemetary. It was a pretty day for a visit, and it was good to see that all was well up on The Mountain.

It still stings so bad to not have Dad’s wit, spirit and life at the table this time of year. When August rolls around, it hurts, but so does fall.

Mom put on a huge spread today (single-handed, no less), and made enough food to feed all five of us many times over. Given that, we’re taking a big ol’ doggie bag to Maryville tomorrow when we visit Grandma. Another short drive (maybe 300 miles roundtrip), and a chip shot compared against the panorama of this ginormous trip I’ve been undertaking.