Remembering John

Do you know where you were on December 8th, 1980? That, of course, is the day John Lennon was assassinated in New York City.

I was sitting at home, listening to the radio when the news came across about Lennon’s death. I was mortified. I can remember one of my co-workers coming over to the house after his shift at work to make sure I was dealing with the news. Of course, I was. But I was stunned that someone could be so callas or insane as to snuff out one of the greatest musical writers of the 20th century.

Like so many others, I secretly clung to a hope that one day The Fab Four would mend their differences, and make wonderful music again. However, that opportunity was stolen from all of us.

Even had they not resurrected The Beatles, imagine what music John might’ve done over the last quarter century. Double Fantasy was a terrific album, and there’s no reason to believe there wasn’t more material in his soul. Those words and music were stolen away, though, by a madman’s gun.

So tonight I reflect quietly and privately on John Lennon, his music, his impact, and the wonderful color his music has added to my life. No earth-shattering revelations here — but if you make someone’s day just a little nicer with your art, then you’ve had an impact.

John definitely made an impact.