Yosemite Photos

I’m still working on post-processing my Yosemite photos, and trying to come up with some clever gallery presentation for them on colin-wright.com. However, as I do that (and thirty other projects at the same time — my day job is getting in the way of my passion), I’ve found that Moose Peterson has published a gallery of his Yosemite shots, some of which were shot at DLWS last month.

Dang it, I don’t know what I’m doing different, ’cause some of mine — at least to me — are every bit as good as those. He’s got some older stuff there with fog and clouds that I never saw while we were there, but I think the first six shots are ones I saw while we were there. And I think I even took some images of the same subjects.

Moose gets to places I’ll never get to, and photographs critters I’ll never get close to. He really is a master behind the camera. I gotta tell ya, though, based on the landscapes he’s marketing, I think I’m ready to throw my landscape hat in the ring.

Wander through Moose’s Gallery and wander through my favorites as well as my shots from Yosemite last month, and see what you think.