Where for Art Thou, Mouseo?

Well, in my case, it’s capitulated in favor of my tablet — the pen is indeed mightier than the mouse!

Joe Sliger (from Wacom) told us at DLWS that if you used a tablet for three days, you’d never use your mouse again. I thought those were awfully strong words, but….. Here I am, weeks into having my Intuos3, and I never pick up a mouse. In fact, I didn’t even install the Mighty Mouse that came with the Quad, despite wanting to check one out a few months ago when they were announced.

I’m a convert, I guess. I do everything with the tablet (except typing!), and have no challenges with it. The biggest thing I think I had to overcome was this sense that I might press too hard, or that everytime I dragged-and-dropped that I was somehow hurting something. Once I got past that, I relaxed, and starting figuring out the fine motion that’s needed to make this thing fly. I really get a kick out of the tablet, and sure do see it as a huge help when editing my photos.

This is cool stuff!