Talking Shop

Last night, Karen from SullivanGray DesignWorks came by to help wade me through some of the steps needed to get Colin Wright Photography off the ground (from a legal and tax perspective). She had some great info and some good ideas — all of which will help move my little upstart along more quickly.

The coolest part though was just talking shop. We talked about gear, shooting concepts, business plans, my experience at DLWS… basically all things photography. That was terrific! I don’t get those opportunities very often, and I really relish ’em. It’s that kind of conversation that really fuels my dreams for my photography. She’s (primarily) a wedding photographer, and it was fun to hear about that segment of the photography business, and reinforce why I wouldn’t want to shoot weddings!

So why would I want to avoid what is probably the most lucrative bit of photography I could get my hands into? Stress, stress, and….. oh yeah, stress! I have enough self-generated stress on a daily basis without adding the stress of trying to capture a couple’s most stressful day accurately and error-free. Photography for me is my release, my stress-buster, my refuge. I enjoy sitting back and watching the sun rise or set, or tromping through the woods or desert, looking for subjects that interest me.

That’s photography for me — me, God and nature… communing, listening, speaking and relaxing.