I’ve been battling the flu for the last couple of days — nasty stuff, too.

Gene sent me home early on yesterday with teeth-chattering chills, and probably a good thing. I came home and slept for almost eight hours before getting back up just before dinnertime.

Beck came home with this on Thursday, and I’m convinced that I’ve picked this up from her. It’s brutal stuff too, as I don’t have the strength God gave a fly. If I get up to do a few things around the house, I have to flop down and relax for a while. Blecch.

The bad thing is that Beck and I have a tradition of getting together with the gang for New Year’s Eve festivities. This year though, we’ve opted out. Since Mary’s pregnant, we’d especially hate to give this mess to her.

So, it’s a quiet, probably early, New Year’s Eve for us. Hope yours is better!