Big Weather

So much for a quiet new year… Around 5.30am, Beck woke me to tell me that there was a bad storm raging outside, and that she thought she heard the sirens going off. About as soon as she finished her sentence, I could hear the sirens, too.

We gathered up us, the animals, and the new storm station, and dashed downstairs. We cranked up the TV to the local news to see what was going on. By then, the storm had already passed us by, but there was indication of rotation in clouds moving toward downtown. So far, I haven’t heard anything about any damage or touchdowns.

What a surreal way to start the year though — tornadic activity in January! When I went to bed last night around midnight, it was still 61 degrees outside. It’s about 50 now, so I’m not real surprised that there was some big weather last night. That’s just real unusual for this part of the country this time of the year, especially given the time of night it took place.

All noses are accounted for, and everything’s safe, but it was certainly a startling way to begin the morning!