Life Goes On

But it’s not necessarily fun.

Yesterday, a dear friend of ours, Suli, lost his wife, Laura.  She had been fighting MS and cancer, and yesterday the combination took its final toll.

I first met Suli when I had just begun my career with my current employer.  Suli was a contractor, and was helping with our OS/2 Warp deployment on the campus.  It wasn’t long before he was hired permanently, and has been with us here for eight or nine years.  He was an usher at mine and Beck’s wedding, and we’ve watched his kids grow up over the years.

And now, Laura’s gone.

I just hate this for Suli.  I know this is a tough, tough time.  I just hope Suli realizes that Laura is now beyond where her illnesses can hurt her, and she’ll be waiting for him when one day they’ll be happily reunited.