New Gear: Epson P-2000

With a vacation looming in front of us — more on that in another post — and my not having a laptop right now, I figured I’d better get something to handle a bunch of photos for the impending trip. Enter the Epson P-2000.

Epson P-2000I’ve been hearing about this little beastie for a while, and Moose even mentioned it by name during my time at DLWS this past November. I’d never actually put my mitts on one, but really liked what I heard. With us — today! — deciding to take a trip next week, I had to move fast. A little trip to Wolf Camera in Brentwood, and I had one in my hand.

My first impressions are good, really good. It’s got a little heft to it, but the specs waaaaay outweigh that: 40gb drive, 3.8″ color screen, plays movies and MP3s… and it does RAW! Yup, it’ll take RAW images and let you look at them or any other image from the camera on the ginormous screen. You can even pump the video out to a TV. Extraordinarily cool! It’s got a built-in CF reader along with an SD reader. It’ll support microdrives, and with an adapter will read almost any other kind of card. This thing just doesn’t lose.

And what good device couldn’t be made even better with a little hacking? There are some hacks — none of which I’ll try anytime soon — to put a 100Gb drive in the thing, yielding a huge amount of storage at a pretty low cost. That’s a project for another day though.

For now, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy this little beastie — it’s waaaaay cool!