Race to the Smokies

This morning, we were awakened around 3am by a huge thunderstorm. Fortunately, this wasn’t fortelling of the trip to come later this morning!

We took off early, heading southeast. Sio told us later in the night that she thought we might be headed to the beach. I think she was very confused when in Nashville, we headed toward Knoxville, and I was ok with that. 🙂

We made a stop in Maryville and saw Grandma. She’s doing well, and we had a nice visit with her, albeit a little short. We had to make the cabin office by 8pm, so we cut our visit with her a little short, and headed toward Pigeon Forge.

Once we got to the cabin office, we had Sio convinced that we were camping in the woods, and kept embellishing that. Even the cabin office staff started playing along, and added to the mystery. We made the twelve mile drive to the cabin, creeping along in the dark on unlit and unfamiliar mountain roads, finally arriving at the cabin.

The cabin is great. It’s huge, will sleep nine folks, has a pool table, foosball table, hot tub, jacuzzi, kitchen, big screen tv, and a very open layout vertically. We couldn’t see the view well since it was dark, but there are windows everywhere, and I expect the view will be great.

After some exploration in the cabin, it was time to sleep, and we did.