Fair Trade?

While looking for Vincent Versace’s new book on Amazon, I noticed that there was a money-saving option available to me.  I clicked through to see what a9.com was, and why they had discounts with Amazon.

When their page came up, it knew my name.  Huh?  How?  Why?  I explored and discovered that it’s a part of Amazon, and through my Amazon account, it knew who I was.  OK, that’s a little less scary.  However, in reading the pages, it looks like you get 1.57% (PI/2) off your purchases by using A9 “enough”.  They are wanting you to use A9 for searches, diary entries (blogging?) and who knows what else.  They will even suggest things for you to investigate based on your searches and purchases.

So, for 1.57%, I trade my search habits to Amazon.  I expect that they would use this for marketing, purchasing, and nudging me toward things that will help their bottom line.  Without knowing more about how they would use that information, I’m not sure 1.57% is quite enough.  I mean, will they be as vigilant about keeping my search terms out of the hands of subpeonas, like Google has?

I remain skeptical…..