I’m Tryin’ Not to Be a Cynic, But….

Man, the world is getting weirder by the day, and I can feel the effect on me growing.  It’s exactly that effect that I shed successfully in the ’04 Dash through the Desert vacation.  As a refresher, for two weeks, I paid no attention to the world — no news, no newspapers.  The only newslike thing I paid attention to was The Weather Channel to ensure that we would be safe for the next day’s drive.

And the world got along just fine without me nursemaiding it.

Two years later, I’m back to some of my old ways:  I’m paying attention again.  And, ugh, is the world an icky place right now.

There’s talk of plans for using tactical nukes against Iran.

Gas prices keep eating more and more money out my budget.  It’s up about 60 cents a gallon since this time last month.

Precious metals are being gobbled up by folks that are proclaiming the end of financial civilization as we know it.

Global warming — despite the best attempts by the Bush loyalists to deny it — appears to really be having an effect on the climate.

More and more jobs that require the use of brains, not braun, are going overseas, including an incredible number in my current industry.

The US has just about everyone in the world ticked off at us for one thing or another:  Kyoto, Iraq, Gitmo, SUVs, capitalism.  And there’s a new cause and someone else to add to the list of Enemies of the State on a daily basis.

I don’t like it.  I’m very nervous about where we are as a globe full of mammals, not unlike the early 80s when I endured the weight of the Reagan administration upon my young brain, and what I thought was inevitable mutually-assured-destruction with the Soviets.

So I’m trying not to become a cynic… again.  I’m trying to avoid watching the news, as it’s all contentious, depressing and frankly, is not much more than opposing viewpoint holders yelling at each other incessantly.

I need to focus on what gives me joy — my family, my photography — and try to ignore the impact of the world upon me.  I need to ensure that what gets me down doesn’t encroach on what gets me up, and that I allow those things that are good for my soul and spirit to take root and grow.