My Love-Hate Relationship with Caffeine

Last night, I went over to Stage Left to meet Leigh (owner) and talk about my upcoming exhibit.  While there, I tried a nice Sumatran coffee.  Delicious!

Now, I’ve decaffeinated over the last six weeks or so, and within 45 minutes I could feel the go-juice coursing through me.  I spent the rest of the evening doing photoprocessing and printing, and it just seemed like I was worked faster.

I love what caffeine does to me.  I hate what caffeine does to me.

I know caffeine is a stim, and I know it keeps me awake at night — I have enough problem trying to sleep without that added to the mix — but I sure feel like I’m firing on all cylinders when it’s running through me.  The challenge I have, as with almost anything in my life, is that it’s either “not at all” or “all the time” for almost eveything I do — there is no middle ground, no moderation.

So when I start doing caffeine, I do caffeine.  Not such a good thing.

It was interesting though to feel the effect of a good caffeinated coffee for a while last night.  Maybe I’ll just save the Real Joe for crunch times and deadlines.  Seems like a good “medicinal” use of the stuff, eh?  🙂