The D-Link Gets a Reprieve

A week or two ago, I was lamenting the lack of ssh on the D-Link NAS (DSM-G600) I bought last year. I wanted badly to use rsync and its cool ssh interface to sync up the archive from the Quad to the little NAS. Well, as I was on the verge of ripping the 400Gb drive from the NAS and installing it in a external enclosure for use with the Quad, a solution dawned on me.

The NAS is surely just being mounted by Tiger on the Quad, so undoubtedly there was a way to do that from the command line, and then have rsync access it just like it was a local drive. After a little searching on Google, I found the command needed to mount the little NAS:

mount_smbfs – W {workgroup_name} //{user}@{NAS_device}/{remote_share} {local_mountpoint}

This has allowed me to pull of an rsync from the Quad to the NAS:

/usr/bin/rsync –progress –stats –recursive –times -og –delete –size-only {local_source} {NAS_target}

What coolness is that!