Han Shoots First!

I have held on to a laserdisc player for years — waaaaay beyond the time when you could buy discs for them.  Why?  Two words:  Star Wars.

I have a set of the Special Edition discs that were released in the late 90s — probably one of the last big new releases on LD — and I have a set of The Definitive Collection that was released maybe five or ten years earlier.  George Lucas had insisted that these would never be released on DVD, as they weren’t the movies as he saw them.

I think the public outcry for these editions finally won — or it could’ve been the sound of the cash register jingling come Christmas time.  Maybe George has a new house payment he has to make.  No matter.

According to starwars.com, both editions will be released in September, for a limited time that happens to include Christmas.  Can you say ka-ching!

After playing some sequences of the DVD-released trilogy alongside my LD-released trilogy, I was convinced that I needed to convert my LD versions to DVD — what’s the good in having a giant Quad, if I’m not gonna work it day and night importing and converting video?!  Now that exercise is no longer on the books for me, and I’ll stand in line with the other lemmings come September, feeding George’s family once again.  🙂

No grumbles, though — I’m happy to see the right thing done, and the glory of the originals as I remember them.