New Baby

Last night, our dog trainer, Kris, dropped off precious cargo for Beck and I to take care of while she’s in Mexico… a cocker spaniel puppy!

Fergie (“I’m Too Sexy For My Fur”) is a little 3-1/2 month old sable cocker spaniel, and is one of Kris’ prized dogs.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a pup in the house, and I’d forgotten how rambuncious they can be.  She’s fearless, running right up to Molly and Emma without a care.  Emma is doing the right things, with low grumbles and a very tolerant spirit.  Molly, OTOH, is mortified of the pup.  Tonight, Molly finally stood her ground a bit and barked at the pup, but she’s still hyper-salivating and is not at all comfortable with Fergie around her.  Hopefully that’ll straighten itself out, as I don’t want Molly that stressed.
So for two weeks, it’s Becky’s Puppy Kamp, and I get to reap all the benefits!  🙂