HTTPD Gone Wild!

OK, a little weirdness.

I’ve been working on making some changes to the design of the site — you’ve probably noticed.  There’s still some dust to kick around, so expect to see changes.

However, as I’ve been posting tonight, the interface has been taking soooooo loooooong.  I started investigating, and in looking at top on the MacMini, I would see one of the httpd threads going close to and above 50% of the CPU.  Fifty percent!

I don’t get it, but at least some httpd requests are generating a ton of CPU utilization.  I dunno if that’s telling me the MacMini is underpowered, although I’m inclined to think that’s not the case.  It used to act just fine, and this seems to be a recent thing.

Stay tuned — I think there’ll be more on this story!