Toynbee Tiles


I had heard a little bit about these before, but KSDK did a story about ones in St. Louis.  I’d no idea that these were to be found here.

Basically, they are mysterious, cryptic pieces of art applied to pavement, and have been found all over North America, with some in South America and Europe.  They seem to reference resurrecting the dead on Jupiter, and somehow linking that with Stanley Kubrick’s 2001.

I don’t get it, but it’s interesting to ponder.  The best site I found for researching them was at  They’ve got photos, a listing of location, some websites and a good bit of general information about the tiles, the man they’re named after and the process that appears to be used for making them.

Cool, weird, and kinda interesting.  I think I’ll search out the ones in St. Louis and see what the fuss is about.  🙂