New Gear: Yakima Bike Rack and Garmin GPS Mount


Today, Beck went to REI, and brought home a Garmin handlebar mount for my GPS-60CS — sweet!  This is way better than a speedometer (which nowadays is called a bike computer), and will give me speed, distance and my track, as well as letting me know when I get near stuff I care to see.  Very cool!  And to sweeten the deal, Beck used my REI dividend to cut the price almost in half!

And last week, I went to Ghisallo and picked up a Yakima two-bike rack for the truck, along with all the locking hardware.  The price was right, and man was the service good.  The guy that helped me installed it, took me through using it and locking it, and made sure I was happy with it.  That was a great experience!

So now, Wednesday when I hit the trail, I won’t have to worry about getting trail mud all over the inside of the TrailBlazer — the bike can ride on the outside, and I can travel in the comfort of the clean cabin!  🙂