Over the Rainbow

This morning, we woke to a little electrical storm, which was mostly gone by the time I left for work.  However, with the sun rising, and rain having moved to the east, we had all the right ingredients for rainbows this morning.

I took a few shots from the house, and through the camera in the truck, just in case.  Just in case came.

The farther I drove toward work, the brighter the rainbow got.  I finally pulled over on the side of one of the country roads along my drive, and I looked back toward the rainbow.  It was a double, and from my vantage point, I could see both ends and everything in between — it was amazing!

The only down side was that I didn’t have my wide angle lens.  I did what I could with my 28-135, but it would’ve been nice to grab a few shots of the whole thing.

This was probably the most dramatic rainbow I’ve seen in several years.  Even the radio stations were fielding calls about it!