Almost Famous

OK, maybe not, but it was fun.

This morning, Moose Peterson was on the Photo Talk Radio program from World Talk Radio. I thought I’d give the show a jingle, and I actually got on the air with the hosts and Moose — you can hear my call toward the end of the first segment. Verra cool.

And they’ll be sending me a LensPen as a promo for getting on the air. I guess this truly makes me a photo geek, eh? 🙂

This was followed by a bit from Wacom, a toolset that I couldn’t live without. I go back and forth on the confluence of tools in the Wacom 21UX. That’s the one with the tablet laid right over a 21″ monitor. It costs as much as a 30″ monitor from Apple, but it seems like scribbling right on the screen would be cool. Still, if one side of that breaks — the tablet or the monitor — you’re dead in the water until it comes back from service. I’ll have to ponder that one for a while. And, of course, I don’t have $2500 lying about to toss at a new monitor!