Bonds and Ruth

6.8 mi

It’s kinda a shame that the Cards are in San Francisco at the point in time when Barry Bonds could surpass Babe Ruth’s home run total.  I expect no pitcher for the Cards would say that avoiding being that pitcher is on their mind, but I’ve gotta think it’s in there somewhere.

Do I think Bonds has been juiced up for at least part of his career?  Absolutely.  Do I think anyone’ll be able to prove it and yank his records away?  Probably not.  However, time will fix that.  Someone will surpass 73 homers in a season — Pujols is on a pace to do it — and even if Bonds passes Hank Aaron on the career homerun list, someone else will eclipse him one day.

What’s funny to me is how the fans in San Francisco didn’t show up for what could be the big night — it wasn’t a sellout.  Had a Cardinal player been chasing Ruth, the stands would’ve been full, with folks standing around outside the stadium just to be part of the magic.  St. Louis is a baseball city, and I’m reminded of that when I see the response of the fanbases in some other cities.  Tonight’s just good proof of that.