Riding, Riding, Riding


Tonight was my third ride on the Katy Trail. Last night, my bikemates went on the usual Wednesday night ride. Beck wasn’t feeling well — migraine — and I came home to take care of her. Since I missed my ride, I figured that I better get in a ride while I could.

It was a hot 90 degrees outside, but the humidity dropped off significantly compared to last night, and that helped quite a bit. Still, after 3 miles, I thought I was whipped, but found a little burst of energy to get to my preplanned turnaround point and head back to the truck.

It was a nice ride, with the music of Queen blaring from my iPod. I’m still taken aback at how beautiful the trail is, and the fact that exists it all. How could I have not been enjoying it all these years? I am now, and that’s a very cool thing. Tonight, the algae was that same bright green that I enjoyed on the first ride a couple of weeks ago, and nature was showing off a bit with baby birds, small lizards, and a four-foot long black snake scooting across the trail.

I’m thinking about even adding another night or two of riding to my schedule. Tonight, I got to the trailhead around 4.30, and was done with my ten miles by 5.30, and that’s a schedule that doesn’t interfere with mine and Beck’s time together.