Big Sunday!


This morning, I returned to the tennis courts for the first time since my little altercation with one of the little yellow balls. While I enjoyed playing, the thing I noticed was that I’m skittish of the ball. That was disconcerting, as I’ve not been afraid of the ball before.

I believe the answer for tennis is gonna be contacts and sportsgoggles, as that way I can see, and still have my eyes protected.

To that end, Beck and I spent all day at the mall today, picking out new glasses for me. LensCrafters was even running a special, so I got a pair of prescription sunglasses — that’s a first for me! I feel like I’m “glasses rich” now, and I can really see a difference.

I also picked up a cellphone for myself. I’d been using the phone in the truck for my travels, but on my bike, it’s hard to carry that phone on my back — there’s too much weight to the TrailBlazer for my backpack! 🙂 So, T-Mobile has set me up with a brand new Samsung t509 phone. It’s really nice — tiny, light, big screen, takes photos…. it does pretty much everything. Real nice, and will grant me a level of communication out on the trail. And, I helped provide Catherina Zeta-Jones a little salary. I’m a nice guy like that. 🙂

I guess we did our part to help the economy this weekend!