Record Setting


Beck and I signed up a few weeks ago to walk in the Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure. The company pays our entry fees, and we felt like it was a good cause, and worth getting up early for.

Traffic was a little ugly, but parking was simple, and we headed toward our company’s meeting point for our team photo before beginning the walk. We could’ve been a bit more organized, and it would’ve been nice to have some kind of distinctive shirts so we could find each other. Maybe next year.

Komen St. Louis Race for the CureWe watched the runners start, and then all us turtles filed in behind them. After about a mile of walking down Olive Street, we looked behind us, and couldn’t see the end of the mass of humanity. Looking ahead of us, all we could see was people. What an amazing sight!

As we walked, we learned that we were taking part in the largest Komen walk held yet — over 64,000 folks were on the street with us. It was truly awe-inspiring to see so many folks out there supporting such a great cause. When we got home, we heard that over $2M was raised by the event today.

And it was moving. There were so many tributes to folks who were survivors, and so many who had lost the fight. Everywhere there was pink this and pink that. There was even a guy who’d shaved his head, with the exception of a pink-dyed, ribbon shaped band of hair on his head.

Yes, this was a very cool, very moving event. I feel certain we’ll back again next year, putting our feet on the street for this worthy cause.