Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!


This weekend hasn’t afforded much in the way of riding opportunities. Friday, Beck and I had a social engagement, and the best part of Saturday — the early morning — was used in the Komen walk. After the big storms last night, the Katy Trail was, I’m sure, a mess.

That left hitting the stationary cycle today.

And after finishing that, it hit me. I needed a CamelBak bladder hanger for drying. I knew West County Cycles had ’em, so I figured I’d just ride up there. I jumped on Google Earth, found a path that carried me down Wren Trail that didn’t put me on the big streets, and rode up there. As I discovered, it’s only a mile away via the trail.

That’s dangerous. I mean, having a potential black hole for my wallet at that distance, and accessible easily….. Well, let’s just say that my self control might not be enough to keep me away! 🙂