Happy Anniversary

Eleven years ago today, I came to The Lou, and began my career with my employer. As with any relationship stretched over eleven years, the landscape has changed, I’ve had good times and bad, and neither the company nor I are the same as we were in ’95 when I started.

I wouldn’t change a thing though. Being here has been an amazing opportunity, and I’ve been afforded the chance to watch a medium sized company grow to be an industry dominator. We collectively smiled through the tough times of the dot-com bust, and supported each other during the uncertain times following 9/11. And here, eleven years after its beginning, I still see a career path before me with the company. That’s an incredible thing, as there aren’t too many places a guy can land for a decade or so, and still see a rewarding, well-paved road stretching in front of him.

I’m a lucky, lucky fella.