No Truck and No Riding Make Homer Something Something…


Well, the TrailBlazer was to have returned today…. only to have not quite made it. I’m told it’ll probably be tomorrow. And, without the truck, that means I’ll miss our Wednesday group ride this week. D’oh!

I got on the stationary tonight, but it’s just not the same — although I can’t watch Rick Wakeman concert footage (like I did tonight) whilst riding on the Katy Trail. And so, I don’t ride as long (distance or time), and become quite bored with the thing after a short session. I think the variety of the trail lulls me along, and challenges me to see what’s after the next bend in the trail. That I don’t get on the stationary.

So tomorrow, maybe I can pick up the truck, and get back to hitting the trail. I’m sure ready for it!