Smokey Is Back!

Yup, this afternoon I picked up the truck from ELCO. Woo-hoo! After some quick turns of the wrench (bike rack), and some reassembly of the cockpit electronics (XM, GPS), I was open for business.

Ya know, even though I wasn’t exactly trapped — we still had Beck’s car available to me — but there sure is a sense of independence that comes with having a set of wheels at the ready in the driveway. And of course, with the truck back, I can get my bike to the trail again!

Tomorrow is typically tennis night, but I wanna ride so bad! It’s been over a week since I’ve been on the trail. I may try to tackle both tomorrow night — maybe a ten mile ride, and then tennis for an hour or so. That’d be about the same amount of time as one of my 20-mile rides, and would get my legs moving and ready for a longer ride Saturday morning.

I’ve been thinking about moving down the trail for Saturday. The only bad thing is that I’ve gotta figure out in advance how tired I’ll be at some midway point so I can make sure I can get back to the truck. If only I could ride one way, and get carried back to the truck. I know there are some places that’ll carry folks back, but I haven’t looked into that. Sounds like I’ve some planning to do!