Father’s Day

Today was nice and quiet and peaceful — a perfect Father’s Day!

Beck started out the morning with a nice big breakfast spread, with more than enough food for the three of us and a couple of drop-ins. As always, her culinary skills were up to the task — delicious! Sio gave me a nice, silly card — obviously, she has inherited her father and grandparents’ odd sense of humor in the card department! — and a huge coffee mug. She knows how I love my decaf on the weekends, and this cup’ll help keep me in coffee.

Sio and I then went out on the deck to practice photographing the flowers. I picked up an old, used Olympus E-10 DSLR at work last week, primarily for her to practice with when she’s at the house. (I expect I’ll also use it when I’m cycling.) She really wants to learn what little photography I can teach her, so we started in this morning. Focus, composition, squeezing the shutter release, depth of field… we walked all around Beck’s flowers on the deck, and shot and shot. Once her card was full, we went downstairs, popped her images up on the Mac, and walked through what was good and what needed some improvement. She’s figuring it out, but she I both realize she needs more practice. It’ll come.

My girls took me to Pasta House for Father’s Day lunch. The folks there were super, each and every one we encountered wishing me a Happy Father’s Day. It was just a tad overwhelming to me. I mean, I know I’m a father, but to have that acknowledged by others is sometimes a touching thing to me. A plate of spaghetti and a slice of strawberry cheesecake, and this dad was a happy camper!

Later in the evening, Beck and I went to Silky’s for a little custard. Silky’s was packed, with folks capping off their Father’s day with a little sweet stuff. We leaned against the back of the truck, eating our custard, and being silly. We talked about how many big things had happened this month — truck hitting a deer, new glasses for me, new cellphone for me — and linked all that to Father’s Day. I then whispered under my breath “a new bike”, and that’s when she dropped a bombshell.

She would match me dollar for dollar for a new bike.

After thanking her for such a generous offer, I dropped my bombshell.

I was ready to do that now.

Then she invoked Superman’s name, bade him fly ’round the earth, making time go backward, and eliminating her deal from our conversation. 🙂 Now that was silly! We talked though, and she was serious. That’s an incredibly generous offer, and was a great capper to Father’s Day for me.