Storm Clouds


Tonight was to be the night I would cross 300 miles on my journey to completing the Katy Trail Challenge. However, Mother Nature had other plans!

This morning, it was 59 degrees. In late June. In St. Louis. Unbelieveable! I so wanted to be cycling this morning, but duty called, and I answered by going in to the office. However, I gathered all my stuff up so I could take a nice ride this afternoon.

But, in Weldon Spring, all was not sunny, and the rains came late in the afternoon. They cleared, just in time for me to hit the trail, but the whole ride, I felt chased by the ugly, ominous clouds, so I kept things short, just running between Weldon Spring and Matson, with a little side trip on a new (to me) trail — the Hamburg Trail.

The Hamburg goes toward the Weldon Spring Interpretive Center which details how the land these trails pass through was used for chemical and radioactive waste disposal. The site finished its cleanup in 2003 (I think), and has been turned back into a nice, useful area, providing trails for cycling and walking.

I suppose I’m a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t cross 300 otnight, but I’ll have my chance yet this week. I expect the 300th mile of my cycling journey will have to wait for Wednesday night’s ride.