The Fog


I set off this morning, in hunt of another good-sized ride, knowing that my bike was ready and tuned. It was a little warm this morning, already about 70 degrees, but I knew I had the coolest part of the day ahead of me. I should’ve realized things could be interesting when I crossed the river, and the bridge complex was so fogged in that I couldn’t hardly see the cars in front of me.

I got to the trailhead at Weldon, and get ready to ride, hitting the trail about 6.30am. I was no more than a mile down the trail before I was shrouded in fog. It was so bad that I was having to stop almost every mile, and wipe the dew from my glasses. By the time I got to Augusta, I was drenched.

I stopped there and talked to a couple of other riders who indicated this was some of the worst fog they’d seen on the trail. While I was talking with them, I could see the water droplets flitting about, driven by unknown forces in unpredictable directions. It reminded me of being on The Mountain, sitting in the clouds.

I headed back, and within two miles, the sun was out, and the fog was off the trail. That made for some beautiful spiderwebs on the trail though, with the sun backlighting their dew-ladened strands.

This was a cool ride, but was really weird. That much fog really made it tough. I guess I’ll need to see if there’s any hints out there about keeping the fog off the glasses, as that was the biggest hurdle for me. There were times that I had to ride without them, as I could see better with uncorrected eyes! Silly, silly…..

Anyway, a good ride behind, and the first step on my next 450 miles!