New Gear: Avenir Air Max Handler Pro


Last night, I changed my first blown tube — yay! It was a struggle, but I won. However, the down side was that noticed a tear in the sidewall of my tire. That’s probably either a contributing factor to my tube blowing, it was collateral damage. Either way, it was a successful operation…. until I noticed the tear. That meant a new tire.

So this morning, I was off to West County Cycles for a new tire. While I was there, I decided to get a floor pump — figured I’d need it for the next time I work on a tire here at the house. Those CO2 cartridges are great, but are a one-time-good-deal. I could certainly see where I’d wanna pump air through a tube I’d repaired, and the CO2 just doesn’t fit the bill.

West County had a bunch of pumps. I went for the one with the longest barrel — I figured that would deliver the most air with the fewest pumps. I also made sure that it had a tire pressure gauge built-in — wanna make sure my tires are the right pressure!

Once I got everything unloaded from the shop, I fitting Sio on my old Huffy Monaco, and hauled us both to Defiance to ride a bit. This was Sio’s first ride with me, and I was thrilled. She kept telling me that she thought she wouldn’t be able to ride even a mile. Well, a mile passed, and then two, and then three. In all, she rode 3.5mi, and probably coulda done more. I didn’t wanna push it though — it was her first excursion with me, after all!

The best thing about the whole ride was her telling me that wanted to ride more with me. That’s a cool thing! Of course the Ted Drewes from the Katy Bike Rental shop wasn’t a bad thing either!