Maiden Voyage


Beck, Sio and I decided to take Beck’s maiden voyage on her new bike today. She’d been hearing about the Al Foster Trail down near the little kids railroad, and we decided to take it on.

It was a great ride, and a very nice trail. It’s a bit narrow in places, but it’s close to the house — maybe five miles away — and appears to link up to some other trails, like the Stinging Nettle Trail. These all follow the Meramec River, which makes for a beautiful backdrop on the ride.

Becky did very, very well with her new ride, with only a little soreness in her knee afterward. She was able to keep a decent pace on the gradual inclines, and that was nice to see.

The coolest thing on the ride really had nothing to do with the ride at all. I’d stopped in a clearing to take some photos of Darla riding, when all of a sudden — whoosh! — a B-1B flew overhead! This was part of the air show at Spirit of St. Louis airport I’m sure. This guy was so close, it seemed like you could jump on board!

Anyway, a nice ride, and what I hope will be the first of many!