Octocore — They’re Here!!!

Well the folks at Anandtech have been playing with upgrading the processors in a MacPro — details here. They also created the first octocore MacPro that I’ve heard of. You can read about that massive beastie here. Slashdot also has some coverage here.

Basically, they took the cheapest MacPro config you can buy — twin dual-core 2.0Ghz Xeons for $2199 retail — and upgraded it with a pair of 3.0Ghz Xeons. That’s cool, but what they did next was amazing — they stuffed some Clovertown chips in the thing….. and it worked!

Holy cow……

So, even though Apple’s probably gonna have eight cores later this year (or early next) in the MacPro, it seems possible to upgrade today’s dual-core based MacPros to eight cores. And probably a lot cheaper than buying that kind of rig from Apple.

Ahhhhh, but it’s a wonderful time to be an Apple geek! 🙂