Apple Twists

Well, the “twists” part is that I rolled my ankle…. AGAIN! This morning, I was rolling my bike out to the truck, planning for a ride after work to take advantage of this great weather, when suddenly, both the bike and I were on the ground — fortunately, neither of us were tangled up with the other. Near as I can figure, I stepped on some kind of nut that the squirrels have been hiding and harvesting in the yard. I feel like a doof, but all I can do is baby the thing today, and try to get back to work tomorrow.

Being home isn’t all bad though. I was able to watch the Apple rumor sites do live coverage of the announcement of Aperture 1.5. From what I can tell from the release notes, it sounds like it’ll be a free upgrade to folks that own Aperture 1.1 — that’s good news. It seems like Apple’s listened to the user base, and have made some changes based on their input. That’s always a good thing.

Adobe, not to be outdone, released the fourth beta of Lightroom today. Still no word on pricing of this code, and exactly when it’ll be available.

I still haven’t figured out which of these suits my needs, or even if I need either of them. I know my workflow is a bit clunky, and nowhere near as zippy as I care for, but it does work for me, and that’s the whole point!