Dominican Adventure: Day Two – All Quiet on the Eastern Front

This morning, we got up early, and stood in line for the signature restaurants. We chose the steakhouse, and after a day of playing at the beach, we headed to the steakhouse for dinner.

This was the same restaurant that was used for the lunch buffet, so aside from it being open air, there was no real ambiance. We had a sirloin and a ribeye, along with a variety of veggies. From my view, the sirloin was the best cut of meat, and was quite good, albeit a little thin. My family’s always been into 1-1/2″ steaks, so almost anything looks thin when judged against that!

With the two hour time zone difference, we found that we were waaaaay awake, so we stayed up watching crazy spanish-icized TV until the wee hours, just enjoying each others company.