Dominican Adventure: Day Seven – The Price Is Right!

We’d set aside today to do a little shopping, so we took a little shopping tour into town.

Our first stop was at a Cigar Museum. These were basically little shops that talked about the cigar making process, from the growing of the tobacco to the rolling of the cigars. It was very interesting, and of course, there was an opportunity to sample and buy cigars again.

Our real stop though was at a little shopping center. In truth, this was more like the bazaars we’d seen in Cancun than like a mall. All the store managers were friendly, and would sorta funnel you into their shops to see what they had for sale. Truthfully, most of them had the same stuff from store to store — paintings, cigars, rum, mamajuana, larimar or amber jewelry and loads of things carved from mahogany (allegedly — I’m not sure I’d know mahogany if it came up and bit me). After ninety minutes and wading in and out of stores crowded with way too much stuff, we were done, and headed back to the resort.

After we were back and ate lunch, I took a nap in the room, and Beck went down to the beach to catnap in one of the pool loungers. A couple of hours later, she woke up, and returned to the room. We played a couple of games of chess, waiting for dinner. We always take a chess set with us, and have played in most places we’ve travelled. We played two games, and stopped at one win apiece.

The rest of the evening was spent packing and getting ready for the return trip back to The Lou. We got everything packed, and it didn’t seem like we were carrying too much of the country home with us!