Now That’s A Mac!

Well, my silence has been cemented by the soul-sucking sound of me typing on my new MacBook. I gotta tell ya, this is a fun toy. I’ve played with the built-in camera, loaded Photoshop (which, yes Virginia, is slow — I can’t wait for Adobe to get their universal binary out!), and played with getting all kinds of code and hardware loaded on here. This is liberating!

I’ve also been getting ready for another craft show this weekend — printing greeting cards, and getting prints ready for sale. This should be a pretty well-attended show, and has the potential of having a fair amount of spontaneous foot-traffic. Unless…

Well, unless it snows. Beginning Thursday, it appears that we will have rain storms, an ice storm, and then snow. One of the weatherdudes this morning said this was the best chance for accumulating snow in several years. Wow. Of course, that could impact the traffic through the show, and that wouldn’t be a good thing.

On the good news front, the new papers and greeting card stock from Red River Papers are working really well. The cards are brilliant, with a matte finish, and the prints are lustre-coated beauties, and are amazing to see. I also got 55+ lbs of backing stock from ClearBags to mount my images to.

Yep, it’s fun times in phydeaux’ deauxmayne!