Ice Shaft

With ice comes ice shafts, and I was shafted by the ice twice today.

I had a nice little craft show scheduled at a church in Webster Groves for this morning. This was gonna be 25-30 vendors, and a fair amount of foot traffic. However, there was no power down there, and too much ice to deal with, so Friday afternoon, it was cancelled. Bummer.

However, I knew of another craft show at a local high school, closer to me and much, much larger. I got the contact information, and was able to get in. This show is typically a big one — 150 vendors, and folks parking up and down the streets surrounding the school. Very cool!

But, the evil ice shafted me again, and dropped the power lines to the school. By Friday night, it was cancelled also.

So, I have a big inventory of images for sale now, and scant few places to get them moving through. There’s some rumbling about an event at work on the 6th, so maybe I can move some items there, and diminish the ice shaft. 🙂