PETA vs. The Homeless

Today, PETA people from waaaay east of Chattanooga invaded the Scenic City to hand out “fashion felony” citations to folks downtown wearing fur, leather and other goods that they believe are animal-cruel. The “citations” required the folks to get out of these cruel clothes within 24 hours. It kinda appeared that one of the three folks were actually impeding folks’ progress down public sidewalks, and trying to talk over the top of anyone who had an opposing view. So, I guess they were kinda unlawfully detaining people.

However, to make the detention a little more bearable, PETA sent in the “fashion cops” — two scantily clad gals handing out the citations, leaving the hard conversation to the third member of their group.

Fun to look at maybe, but no one who has no lawful position over me has the right to stop me in public and keep me from going about my lawful business.

The humorous part of this was that they were basing their protest in an area of downtown that is well-known for its homeless population. I suspect those folks don’t have much choice in their clothing options!!!!!