Watering the Roots

Grandma’s stay with Mom came to end today, and it was time to whisk her back to Maryville. This was the longest time we’d been able to spend with her in a long time, and it was wonderful to enjoy her being around us for Christmas.

The trip to Maryville was uneventful. Along the way, we stopped at Frances’ place. It’d been a while since I’d seen her as well, and it was great to catch up a bit. I was able to leave a little of my art behind with her, and to me, that’s a great thing.

This was probably the most widespread family Christmas season I’ve had in a very, very long time. Between the Day family invasion and party, and then the Holley family connections being renewed during our trip, well, I’d color this as one of the best Christmases I’ve had in such a long time. As it should be, the gifts were really not the point of the season — it was the reconnection with family, and keeping those roots intact.