Happy New Year!


Today begins the new year, and with it comes the obligatory resolutions. Here’s my list:

  • Exercise more. More than just cycling. Pick up another sport, or find some other thing to do here at the house to further extend what I was doing with my cycling last year. My goal for cycling this year is 1000 miles. I could’ve done that in ’06, but I got lazy toward the end of the year, letting the time change control my riding.
  • Eat better. Here’s where I need to do more study. If I’m gonna be serious about cycling this year, I need to make sure I’m doing the right things by my body so that it can keep up with where my brain’s trying to lead it.
  • More bible study. That one’s self-explanatory, and just needs to be done.
  • Not so much caffeine. I’ve been working on this one through last year, but I need to slam the door on it, and save caffeine for when it can do me the most good: headaches, riding, etc.
  • Feed the business. My photography business grew a bunch last year, and my work is now hanging in half-a-dozen homes. That’s incredible to me, and I need to work on continuing that. This year, it’s my intent to apply for a few of the big art shows in town, and try to get at least one gallery showing through the year.
  • Come to peace with work. This year, my work at the office has stressed me more than I can remember in quite a few years. The stress, at times, has had me contemplating whether I was in the right place anymore — I mean, I’ve found something in my photography that has truly electrified my passions. The reality is that my photography cannot sustain us financially at this time. Even if it could, I don’t know if I could walk away from a field that I’ve been working professionally for the last twenty years.

I’m sure there are more that I could come up with, but those are the ones that come top of mind. And, I’ve already started whittling at one of those, with a short ride this afternoon. And, boy what a cold ride that was!!!!